Yes.. again… I’m driving (sort of) and thinking. Coz of course there’s so much time to do that. The traffic helps me so much. Gives me time to eat all the fruit I want, crack open pistachio nuts; hell I could knit a whole muffler in a single days trip. It just doesn’t move. That’s why its called traffic.

All I do in the name of driving is – press the brake pedal. Clutch. Brake. Brake. Clutch. Stop. MAKE SURE U DON’T touch the bumper of the car in front of you..or YOU know he’ll kill u. WHICH got me thinking, what if things were the opposite.. And cars were supposed to bang into each other while braking… OK decelerating.

And people would stare and gasp if someone did not crash into another’s car. “OMG  did you see that? He stopped without bumping into that car in front of him! I swear the worlds gone nuts! Rules mean nothing”

The guy in front of him would get out – ready to pick a fight. “WHY? WHY? WHY WOULD U DO THAT. Couldn’t u have just dented my car? I mean how difficult is that?”

The vigilant policemen of ours would intervene. “Ke Baat Se? Lai-sence, RC Kaddo. Chalaan katega. Gaadi chalani na avey hai tanney!”   that’s the extent of my accent and dialect.

A nicely bashed up car speeds by ” i wish someone would do that to my car. Next time i’ll make sure i hit real hard.” “Yea, Im trying to get that crunched up look for the tail end”.

 For your own safety, bump into me.

Ofcourse this is ridiculous.. OR is it.

Fruit finished. almonds,pistachios well chewed. eyes wide awake. Moving on to.. more traffic. Until then…..!