It all started with an Idea I had while driving around in my small little hatch back wondering what would be ‘interesting’.

Within a few days my whole class turned into a manufacturing unit. Everyone was a carpenter, painter, electrician and ofcourse – the designer.

 Days went on and new experiments kept happening.  Learning how to paint; to knowing what material to paint with. What dries up faster and what takes ages. How to use a saw; to how to make an LED series connection – although most failed – drastically. Results started to emerge 🙂

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 Risks taken. Some too big, some too small. The rooms looked like cotton candy with all the thermocol bits and pieces flying about here and there. Frenzy all around with the zeal to get the best out. Perfection. Running around in malls trying to take pictures. And in the process being thrown out coz’ oh u cant photograph random people, but the pretty ones can!

The experience of experiencing these – experiences made this quite worth while. Turned two weeks into a whole month. They just wouldn’t end. But end they did. It turned out to be quite an adventure. The stories – fabulous – almost fantastical. But things happen. Yea. Checklist keeps growing by the hour.

Good work exceptional work. Interaction to the max.

This lil’ crazy idea I had.. that went mad. Came back smiling. So much to tell.